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Market Data EOD Golden Rates

These features contribute to the overall efficiency, reliability, and data quality of Apiro answering industry specific business needs. They address key aspects such as consistency, data quality assurance, real-time monitoring, and flexibility in handling various data sources and scenarios.

EOD Golden Rate

  • Consistency in End-of-Day (EOD) Reporting: EOD Golden Rate ensures consistency in reporting by establishing a standardized reference rate for the end of each day.
  • Benchmarking: Provides a benchmark for comparing and validating EOD rates, enhancing accuracy and reliability in financial and data processing contexts.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports regulatory compliance by ensuring adherence to predefined standards for EOD rates.

Multi-Source Support

  • Diverse Data Integration: Multi-source support enables the integration of data from various sources, accommodating diverse data formats and structures.
  • Redundancy Reduction: Reduces reliance on a single source, mitigating the impact of data source failures or inconsistencies.
  • Enhanced Data Resilience: Improves data resilience by allowing the platform to switch between sources in case of data unavailability or issues.

Rates sourcing and update

Manual Rate Updates

  • User Intervention: Allows manual intervention for rate updates when necessary, providing flexibility in addressing exceptional cases.
  • Data Correction: Facilitates correction of rates that may not be accurately captured through automated processes, ensuring data accuracy.
  • Auditability: Manual rate updates are logged for audit purposes, ensuring transparency and traceability in the data correction process.

Historical Rate Sourcing

  • Temporal Analysis: Historical rate sourcing supports temporal analysis by providing access to historical rates at specific points in time.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meets regulatory requirements by preserving historical rates for auditing and reporting purposes.
  • Comparative Analysis: Enables comparative analysis by allowing users to compare current rates with historical benchmarks for trend analysis.

Data Provider Violations Dashboard

  • Centralized Monitoring: The data provider violations dashboard centralizes the monitoring of violations across different data providers.
  • Performance Tracking: Enables performance tracking and evaluation of data providers based on the frequency and severity of violations.
  • Vendor Accountability: Facilitates vendor accountability by providing a comprehensive view of data quality issues related to specific providers.


Violations management

Real-Time Data Violation Notifiers

  • Immediate Alerts: Real-time violation notifiers deliver immediate alerts for data violations, enabling quick response and corrective actions.
  • Minimized Impact: Minimizes the impact of erroneous data by promptly notifying relevant stakeholders and preventing downstream issues.
  • Operational Efficiency: Enhances operational efficiency by automating the notification process, reducing the need for manual monitoring.

Aggregated Rate Violations Checks

  • Consolidated Data Quality Monitoring: Aggregated rate violations checks provide a consolidated view of data quality across multiple rates and sources.
  • Holistic Data Integrity: Ensures the integrity of aggregated rates by identifying and addressing violations at the composite level.
  • Efficient Error Resolution: Enables efficient error resolution by pinpointing the source of violations in aggregated data sets.

Raw Rate Violations Checks (Multi-Feed, Stale Rates, Threshold, Missing Prices)

  • Data Quality Assurance: Raw rate violations checks ensure data quality by identifying and flagging issues such as stale rates, missing prices, and threshold breaches.
  • Early Detection: Early detection of violations allows for proactive measures to address data inconsistencies before they impact downstream processes.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Improves the reliability of raw rates by identifying discrepancies or anomalies in real-time, facilitating timely corrections.

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