Apiro's advanced data processing features

Apiro enhances data integration from various sources, promoting a unified view that is essential for comprehensive analytics. It automates data cleansing and transformation processes, improving data quality and reducing manual errors.

This automation also leads to significant time and cost savings by streamlining data preparation tasks. Additionally, it facilitate scalable and efficient data management, supporting businesses in making data-driven decisions and maintaining competitive advantage.

One or more data schema

  • Structure Standardization: Data schemas standardize the structure of data, ensuring consistency across various datasets.
  • Interoperability: Facilitates interoperability by providing a common framework for understanding and processing data structures.
  • Ease of Integration: Simplifies integration with different data sources and destinations, enhancing overall data management..

Any data format (CSV, Char Delimited, Excel, JSON, XML, HTML, SQL)

  • Versatile Data Processing: Supports a variety of data formats, allowing the platform to handle diverse data sources and destinations.
  • Interchangeability: Enables interchangeability of data between different systems and tools that may use different formats.
  • Flexibility: Provides flexibility in processing and transforming data based on the specific requirements of each format.

Omni-source capabilities (SFTP, S3, Filesystem, GIT, SSH_COMMAND, EMAIL, REST, JDBC, KAFKA, PUBSUB)

  • Data Source Diversity: Supports a wide range of data sources, accommodating diverse data origin points.
  • Real-time Data Ingestion: Enables real-time data ingestion from sources like Kafka and Pub/Sub, ensuring up-to-date information.
  • Ease of Connectivity: Facilitates connectivity with various external systems, databases, and streaming platforms for comprehensive data collection

A wide range of data transformers

  • Data Enrichment: Transformers enhance data by extracting information from ZIP files, PDFs, Google Docs, and using generic expressions.
  • External Service Integration: Integration with HTTP/REST and ChatGPT allows leveraging external services for data transformation.
  • Customization: Generic expression support provides a customizable way to transform data based on specific business logic or requirements.


  • Versatile Data Distribution: Supports diverse data distribution mechanisms to various destinations, including external systems and storage.
  • Real-time Data Distribution: Enables real-time data distribution to destinations like Kafka and Pub/Sub for immediate consumption.
  • Communication Channels: Integrates with communication channels such as email, allowing data dissemination in different formats (attachments, inline).

Flexible data distribution options available

  • Workflow Flexibility: Manual distributions provide flexibility for on-demand data movement, allowing users to control the timing.
  • Automated Processing: Scheduled distributions automate data movement at predetermined intervals, ensuring timely updates.
  • Historical Data Access: Historical distributions support the retrieval and processing of data at specific points in time, facilitating temporal analysis.

Apiro’s data platform provides data integration, transformation and distribution features from and to any source or destination and format.


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